What can tourists from abroad see in your country and why SUNDARBANSTOUR.COM?

Our country is like a heaven to tourists from abroad. They have many things to do; they can visit beautiful places like Sundarbans ;  indulge in warm hospitality of Bengali traditional food and drinks by Sundarbans Tour. Sundarbans Tour is the best platform one of  them.

Where it is located Sundarbans ?

Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world situated on the coastline of Bay of Bengal in the south west part of Bangladesh. Part of this forest is also located in the West Bengal in India.

Why you like to visit Sundarbans?

Who loves visiting places of natural and historical interests. There are fabulous places in our country to visit. There are most beautiful places in Sundarbans such as  Karmajal, Kotka Beach, Tin Kona Island, Dublar Char Island, Harbaria and Hiron Point which attracts the visitors.In fact, visiting a place like this is a great experiences to enjoy the sight of various beautiful trees, animals, reptiles, birds etc. It is one of the famous world heritage sites. Moreover, such a tour will definitely be a great source of refreshment and recreation. So, your forthcoming journey to Sundarbans by SUNDARBONTOUR.COM with you/your family will be a wonderful event in your life.

 Where do we start our tour?

In the morning we shall start our journey from Rupsha Ghats at Khulna Sadar, Khulna.

What kind of clothes do we carry?

Please carry warm clothes in winter, it might get chilly. For summers any kind of clothes. Since the trip has interaction with villagers, it is advisable to wear covered clothes.

What kind of identity proof do we need and who gets the necessary permits?

For Bangladeshi  we need any kind of photo id proof, and for foreign travelers original PASSPORT is a must, which they have to carry on their travel. We do all the necessary permissions and permits.

How can we book the tour packages?

At first you can book directly from our website, secondly by Email after that by make a phone calls and lastly directly  from our Head Office. More information please visit our Sundarband Tour.

What are the payment methods to avail the package booking in SUNDARBANS TOUR?

We accept the payment through :

Credit/Debit Card;

Bank Transfer;

Mobile Banking;

Cast payment in our Head Office.

How does your online payment system work?

To pay us online, you need to send us  a scanned copy of your valid passport and billing address to us. After getting these documents, we’ll send you a invoice in your email address with which you can pay using credit cards.

What types of credit cards you accept?

We currently accept any Visa ,MasterCard and American Express.

How safe is my Credit/Debit Card information when used on SUNDARBANS TOUR?

Yes, it is fully secured. Visa, MasterCard and American Express Card payments are processed through an online payment gateway system without any information passing through us. Two-Step verification protocol implemented by your bank guarantees your transaction will be 100% safe and secure.

How do I know if I have successfully completed my booking?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an automated e-mail containing your confirmation number and full details of the product that you have purchased.

If you have not received an e-mail confirmation, please see the answer on this page about lost confirmation emails.

I haven’t received or I have lost my confirmation e-mail. How do I get another copy?

If you have not receive your confirmation e-mail within 5 hours of making a booking or have lost the e-mail, please check your ‘deleted item’ and ‘Junk Mail’ folders.

To check if the booking was successfully made and obtain another copy of your confirmation e-mail you can click here to make a request for a new confirmation or enquire a about the booking status.

Are there any  hidden cost?

No, there are none.

What if I need an invoice or receipt?

You can use your confirmation e-mail as a receipt or invoice for your booking.

 What if I need to cancel or amend my booking?

Don’t wary! Please see our Term & Conditions at the time of booking and for more details, please make a call our Customer Support at +88-01707-844-910

In this page we will try to answer commonly asked question in respect to travel to Bangladesh. Please fill free to send you question.

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