Sundarbans Tour Packages 2

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The Sundarbans is the largest forest in the costal area on the Bay of Bengal which is one of the inherent wonders of the universe. It is also the largest mangrove forest in the world. There are various views and popular sightseeing at the Sundarbans which are rarely found in any where else. The foreigners are warmly welcome in the Sundarbans. There are many facilities which are available for the tourists by Sundarban Tours. We offer a variety of deals and offers. We have designed special pakages for international & native tourists .

Foreigners will be taken to special areas and will be shown the unique specialities of Sundarbans. Our special trips for the tourists includes Honey Collection, Rash mela(A religious program of Hindoo community),Sundarban Research Tour, Bird Watching tour and so on. The trips and offers are provided according to your choice.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary


    Guests will be received at Khulna Jail Ferry Ghat at half past 6 am and our ship will sail towards the Sundarbans. We will take some guards from Chadpay Forest Office at about 11 am. Reaching HARBARIA at around 2:30 pm, we will enjoy the beauty of HARBARIA. After that, we will start for KOTKA and we will stay the night at KOTKA after reaching there at about 12am


    Boat crossing is at Jamtala Cannel at 6:30 am. Completing cruising, we will visit the office, then come back to the vessel. Having breakfast, we will set sail for Jamtala Sea-Beach at 10 am. After enjoying the dazzling beauty of nature, we will come back to the ship. Kochikhali office area will be visited at 4 o’clock. Latter we will enjoy the mesmerizing sun-set sitting on a boat in the estuary of the sea. Our vessel will be sailed for Chadpai at 7 o’clock. Reaching Chadpai at about 1:30 am, we will stay the night over there.


    We will kick our journey for Koromjol from Chadpai at 8 am. We will stay there till 11am to 1:30pm. Finally, we will sail for Khulna at 2 o’clock and reach at 9 pm.

    N.B. : Schedule may be changed based on environment & weather.